#5 High Winds + Electric Poles= No Electricity

So, just in case you didn’t see my update earlier, I was without electricity the past few days (since 9:00 Monday and no I didn’t forget to pay the bill). So you see why I couldn’t post. Anyway, you find out some pretty interesting things when you’re sitting in the dark. For example, I found out exactly how bitchy I can get when I haven’t slept (I had trouble making myself sleep in the dark; I’m used to sleeping with some kind of technological device). I also found out that a book can be bogged down and interesting at the same time (Indecent Exposure by David McClintick, in case you were wondering). And, believe me, once winds reach a certain strength, they are not that distinguishable from a tornado (which I thought at first is what hit). So, any of you have any loss of electricity stories you want to share?