#7 Uh, Really?!

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from icanhascheezburger.com

Yes, I realize this is a troll but I feel the need to rip into them so here goes:
1) Go back to school
2) It’s Ron not Jon
3) How is it racist to hire ugly people when ugly isn’t a race?
4) Don’t even get me started on the first part of #2 (why is it the only one numbered, by the way?)
5) You’re confusing Harry Potter with Lord of the Rings (Gandolf? It’s Dumbledore!)
6) It’s set in Britain, duh! (And Pattinson isn’t American either)
7) Again with the wrong names; it’s Hagrid! (points for getting the right book this time though)
8.) Don’t get me started on Twilight …

*puts on Potter fan cap and sits in corner*

Moral of this story is: If you’re going to troll on something, at least make sure you have your facts straight!