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#6 Music Ideasā€¦

So I was thinking how most pop music is geared towards the tweens and teens these days. And that got me wondering about any “adult” music. So what’s your favorite “adult” music? Somethings to keep in mind: I abhor country music and I refuse to listen to gospel, jazz, or metal. Oh, and the best suggestions might end up in a future post. šŸ˜‰

#5 High Winds + Electric Poles= No Electricity

So, just in case you didn’t see my update earlier, I was without electricity the past few days (since 9:00 Monday and no I didn’t forget to pay the bill). So you see why I couldn’t post. Anyway, you find out some pretty interesting things when you’re sitting in the dark. For example, I found out exactly how bitchy I can get when I haven’t slept (I had trouble making myself sleep in the dark; I’m used to sleeping with some kind of technological device). I also found out that a book can be bogged down and interesting at the same time (Indecent Exposure by David McClintick, in case you were wondering). And, believe me, once winds reach a certain strength, they are not that distinguishable from a tornado (which I thought at first is what hit). So, any of you have any loss of electricity stories you want to share?

May 28
And I’m back! All is okay here, just lost electricity for a few days. Expect a post later today.

Sorry if I don’t post the next couple of days. Meteorologists are saying we could have some pretty nasty storms and the safety of my family and I comes first. I will post Wednesday as long as the weather as cleared. Thanks for your patience!

#4 Well This Is Sickeningā€¦

First off, I’m still here! I’ll leave the jokes to the comedians. Anyway, I came across a very interesting article on the New York Times website. Now, I don’t make a habit of reading the Times (usually get my news from the evening newscast) but I have insomnia and I was bored. So I came across this article talking about how exactly websites like TMZ and Radar get their information. Let me just say that I figured this about Radar but for some reason I never thought of TMZ doing the same. So here’s the link (please work, please work):

#3 American Idol IS Still A Singing Competition After All!

After the votes sent both Pia and James home early, I wasn’t so sure. Seemed to be a popularity contest. But America did the right thing this week and sent Haley Reinhart home. Was she the only rock singer left? Of course, but that’s not anyway to choose who to vote for. She didn’t have as good a voice as Scotty and Lauren. Do I like country? No, far from it. But they have the best voices and that’s what the show’s supposed to be about. Finding the best voices. Glad we’re back to that!

#2 That ‘Glee’ Rumorā€¦

No, not that one (it was resolved last night). The one I’m talking about is the one that Daniel Radcliffe (of Harry Potter and How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying fame) is going to be on the season finale. Nobody seems to quite agree on whether it’s an elaborate hoax or a (almost) well-kept secret. On one hand, he’s listed in the cast on IMDB . On the other, there’s the issue of who exactly is in charge of these things on that site? And why hasn’t anyone from the show or Daniel’s camp commented? What do you think?
Check it out here.