The Final Harry Potter Trailer… Ever


Also check this out: What is it? Well, no one will know until June 23rd (click on an owl and it takes you to a special YouTube site!)


#7 Uh, Really?!

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Yes, I realize this is a troll but I feel the need to rip into them so here goes:
1) Go back to school
2) It’s Ron not Jon
3) How is it racist to hire ugly people when ugly isn’t a race?
4) Don’t even get me started on the first part of #2 (why is it the only one numbered, by the way?)
5) You’re confusing Harry Potter with Lord of the Rings (Gandolf? It’s Dumbledore!)
6) It’s set in Britain, duh! (And Pattinson isn’t American either)
7) Again with the wrong names; it’s Hagrid! (points for getting the right book this time though)
8.) Don’t get me started on Twilight …

*puts on Potter fan cap and sits in corner*

Moral of this story is: If you’re going to troll on something, at least make sure you have your facts straight!

#2 That ‘Glee’ Rumor…

No, not that one (it was resolved last night). The one I’m talking about is the one that Daniel Radcliffe (of Harry Potter and How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying fame) is going to be on the season finale. Nobody seems to quite agree on whether it’s an elaborate hoax or a (almost) well-kept secret. On one hand, he’s listed in the cast on IMDB . On the other, there’s the issue of who exactly is in charge of these things on that site? And why hasn’t anyone from the show or Daniel’s camp commented? What do you think?
Check it out here.