#8 Alternatives To Bubble Gum Music…

Sick of all the bubble gum music that’s so abundant these days? Well, so am I! So here are some great alternatives I’ve found (warning some of these are older):

Nirvana: Seriously, who over the age of 20 doesn’t have Nevermind in their music collection?
Recommended songs: Lake Of Fire, Polly, Heart-Shaped Box

Foo Fighters: Formed by Dave Grohl after the death of Kurt Cobain, they’ve quickly become legends in their own right.
Recommended songs: Everlong, Let It Die, Learn To Fly

Bush: I don’t know why, I just like their music.
Recommended songs: Mouth, Everything Zen, Glycerine

Eminem: Had to include some rap/hip-hop. No matter your opinion on him, you can’t deny has talent.
Recommended songs: Stan, My Name Is, The Way I Am, Won’t Back Down

Silversun Pickups: Also had to include some newer stuff. Not as heavy sounding as the rest of the list, until you listen to the lyrics.
Recommended songs: Lazy Eye, Panic Switch, Catch and Release, The Royal We

So that’s all I have for now! Put your suggestions in the comments!