#10 Well…

What can I say about the MTV Movie Awards… or shall I say the Twilight Awards? I’ll start with the opening skit. Not funny. Opening monologue? Also not very funny. You’d think someone from Saturday Night Live would be funnier. Then Jim Carrey shows up in a blue screen suit, where a projector beamed images of two dogs humping. Pretty funny…at the time.
Anyway, enough about the humor. Why was Justin Bieber up for Best Jaw-Dropping Moment? I’d think there wasn’t anything shocking in that movie. And what was up with the camera men cutting to Emma Watson every time Twilight won? Did they expect her to start cursing or something?
The two truly shocking moments came from Twilight. The first came when Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart won Best Kiss. Pattinson and Stewart debated whether they should kiss before Pattinson said “I think there’s someone who’d appreciate this more,” ran off stage and kissed costar (and fellow nominee) Taylor Lautner. The second moment was when Pattinson, Patrick Dempsey and Chelsea Handler were on stage to present Reese Witherspoon with the Generation Award and Pattinson slips a f-bomb right past the censors. When Reese came up to accept, she let loose with a couple of good zingers: “It’s also possible to make it in Hollywood without a reality show,” and a great dig at Blake Lively “If you take naked pictures of yourself on your cellphone, you hide your face, people. Hide your face. ”
And that’s it. Enjoy the rest of your night!


#7 Uh, Really?!

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Yes, I realize this is a troll but I feel the need to rip into them so here goes:
1) Go back to school
2) It’s Ron not Jon
3) How is it racist to hire ugly people when ugly isn’t a race?
4) Don’t even get me started on the first part of #2 (why is it the only one numbered, by the way?)
5) You’re confusing Harry Potter with Lord of the Rings (Gandolf? It’s Dumbledore!)
6) It’s set in Britain, duh! (And Pattinson isn’t American either)
7) Again with the wrong names; it’s Hagrid! (points for getting the right book this time though)
8.) Don’t get me started on Twilight …

*puts on Potter fan cap and sits in corner*

Moral of this story is: If you’re going to troll on something, at least make sure you have your facts straight!